Vo2 Max Testing

It’s probably not surprising for you when we say that the amount of oxygen you are taking in is really important. Especially when you are training to do such a high-intensity race like a triathlon. And it would certainly be amiss of us if we didn’t take this into consideration and build it into the schedule for each of our clients. Not only do we establish where you are currently at, but we also keep track of it during your training. And of course, do a final testing before you get stuck into your triathlon.

Preliminary Testing

One of the best ways for us to tell your exact fitness levels before you start your triathlon training program is to do some testing. When we test your oxygen levels during intense exercise, there is no smoke and mirrors, just the pure facts on your current fitness state. And if we are going to turn your body into that of an athlete, we need to know exactly what we are dealing with. Your preliminary testing will be one of the foundations of your triathlon plan, set out by our leading coaches.

Setting Your Schedule

There’s a lot we look at before we start your schedule, which is why you will never receive the finalized version on the day. We need to take away everything we have learnt about you, your body and your health to be able to create a plan that will work for you. We don’t have a generalized plan that we just hand out to everyone that walks through the door. That wouldn’t work for people who are committed to playing to their bodies strengths and improving on their weaknesses. This approach is something that has given so many results, and led us to the reputation we have today.

Regular Reviews

As your oxygen levels are a foolproof way to test your fitness, we make sure that we are conducting regular reviews throughout your training course. This helps us to make sure that you are on the right track and progressing as expected. If it shows up that you aren’t progressing as we had hoped, this gives us the opportunity to reassess your training program early on in the piece. It’s something that many of our clients actually enjoy. Being able to track their improvement and look forward to their upcoming triathlon and being their personal best.

Final Comparison

Once your training program is nearing an end and your triathlon is just around the corner, we will do a final test for you. We will gather all the data from when you first walked through our doors, right down to your last day of training. This makes sure that you have reached your targets and are physically prepared for the enduring test that lays ahead of you. Our clients often find this final comparison as a great way to reflect. It also gives many of them a sense of pride at what they have already achieved, and confidence to go into their triathlon.



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