Triathlon Training

So you’ve decided to take on a triathlon. That’s great! In our opinion, it’s one of the best things you can do. Both for personal development, your fitness and for a great sense of achievement. But a triathlon is not something you decide to do overnight. Nor is it something you prepare for the day before. There is a lot of preparation needed to make sure that you are able to perform at your best on the day. And we are here to give you the professional coaching you need to make sure you do your best.

Beginner Triathlon

Your first triathlon is always the most exciting and daunting one you will ever do. And you’ve got to put in the hard yard months beforehand to make sure you are at your peak physical and mental fitness levels on the day. Our team are here to assess you in a range of different ways, all relevant to how you will be able to compete when the big day comes. We will set out a programme for you based on your current strengths and weaknesses, making sure that you are fully prepared to tackle your first triathlon.


The first leg of a triathlon is always the swimming. It is also when you have the most energy, excitement and nerves flowing through your body. And our job is to teach you how to harness that, and direct it through the right areas of your body to push it forward through the water. If you’re already a great swimmer, then that’s fantastic. If not, we can help you to work on your form so that you aren’t accidentally tiring yourself out too early in the game.


It doesn’t matter whether the biking leg of the race is 5 miles or 75 miles. You have to have the correct form when cycling so that you don’t damage your muscles, or tire yourself out before you need to start the run. We are here to help sculpt with the body, form and mind of an athlete, ready to tackle whatever your triathlon has to throw at you. Houston Triathlon Training Company always conducts assessments on our clients, seeing how they currently handle a bicycle. From there, we can determine how we can tweak or reteach different aspects to help our clients give their best on the day.


Often this is the element of the race that will test you the most mentally and physically. You will be exhausted from the swim and biking, and the transitions aren’t designed to allow your body to fully recover. If you are running in the wrong way, shifting your weight to the wrong areas of your body, you could unnecessarily tire yourself out more. Or cause some potential damage that would take months to recover from. We are here to guide you through the correct techniques, and build up your mental strength so that you can use your determination to get you through.



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