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Whether you’re training for your first triathlon or need an Olympic triathlon training plan, you are going to need the help of an expert. With the right coach building your mental and physical strength, it can be amazing what our own bodies can accomplish. Our vision is to help people reach their goals and succeed in their dreams. Completing some form of triathlon is an achievement that we carry with us throughout our lives, no matter if we do it just once or get into as many as possible.


Whether you are a seasoned triathlon enthusiast or need a beginner half ironman training program, we have the services for you. We know that people learn in different ways, which is why we offer alternative methods such as triathlon training camps, programs, plans and schedules. Each of these is tailored to the individual, suiting triathlon training for beginners all the way through to an Olympic distance triathlon training program. Have a look and see what is best suited for you, or get in contact and tell us what you need.

Triathlon Training

When it comes to triathlon training, our team can’t be beaten. We are incredibly passionate about it. And that shows through in each of our beginner ironman training plans, full ironman training plans and Olympic distance triathlon training plans. Whether it is mini-triathlon training you are looking for coaching for or Olympic distance triathlon training. Our coaches can give you the mental and physical training strategy you need to ensure you are performing at your best on the day.


Our job is to prepare you to jump right in, so to speak. We have had great success with our triathlon swim training plans because we make sure that they are tailored to each individual. Houston Triathlon Training Company assesses our clients first, getting a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses so that we can refine and perfect their form. If you need we can even help you with triathlon training swimsuit to give you the best performance because we really want to help you make a splash!

“I’ve moved around a lot, and I can honestly say that Houston Triathlon Training Company has the best triathlon training program I have come across. They are so detailed, they literally think of everything you could possibly need to prepare!”

Simone, Texas


For us, biking is our favorite part. We get a feeling of exhilaration being able to move that quickly, almost as if we were gliding through the course. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Nothing about a triathlon is easy. We ensure that our half ironman training schedule, beginners schedules and Olympic triathlon schedules give you everything you need. Not just to get through the biking leg of the triathlon, but so get that gliding feeling of accomplishment.


When you feel as though you are exhausted, and your body can’t handle any more, that is where our mental strength training comes into play. It doesn’t matter if you are on our sprint triathlon training plan for beginners or your fifth ironman triathlon training program. You need to have both the physical and mental strength to get you through to the end. Included in your ironman training plan 20 weeks, as well as other intensive training plans, you will get both the physical and mental discipline you need to succeed.

“Without the half triathlon training from Houston Triathlon Training Company, I really don’t think I could have done it. I had this crazy mentality that it wouldn’t be as hard as everyone said it was. I was wrong! But having a killer coach made it possible, and I am so proud of myself. Thank you!”
Dave, Texas

Dave, Texas

Vo2 Max Testing

One thing we make sure is included in each of our plans, from the beginner triathlon training plan through to the Olympic training plan is breathwork. And to do that, we make sure the guesswork is taken out of it so that we can plan and train according to your individual requirements. The amount of oxygen you can get through your body will drastically impact your performance on the day. Which is why we put a particular focus on this in the lead up to beginners triathlon events. Because we don’t want our clients to be accidentally harming themselves.

Blood Lactate Testing

When we look at the prospect of a triathlon, one thing we know for sure is that the body has to be in peak condition. To be able to get it there, we first need to know where it is at. Blood lactate testing gives us a great understanding of what is going on inside and how we can work to improve and prepare it for a triathlon. We believe this is one of the most critical elements. To make the unknown known and help our clients on a deeper level.

“The 12-week ironman training plan through Houston Triathlon Training Company was more than I had hoped for. It eliminated any questions and made me stronger than I thought was possible. Not just physically but also mentally. I could not recommend them highly enough.”

Tony, Texas


As part of our dedication to customer service, we have a dedicated customer service team that is here to help with all your cycling buying and maintenance needs. We are able to help new bile owners find the bike for them, at a price that suits them, and help experienced cyclists too. If you are looking for servicing or repairs, our customer service team is also able, and eager, to help. We can work with you to organize any services or repairs that you need, as well as finding a time that suits you. you. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to call our team today, at the phone number on our website.



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