If you’re looking to take your triathlon by the horns and throw everything you have into it, you will need a coach to help you along the way. Having a coach will guide you through the physical milestones you will need to reach with a systematic approach. Professional coaches also help you to build the mental endurance you need to make it through to the end. Because in almost every case we know of, a person thought that their body could go on no longer. And in some cases, they just stopped there and then. But the people who had the mental strength and determination managed to make it through that finish line, giving them overwhelming feelings of pride and achievement.

And that is precisely what Houston Triathlon Training Company are here to do for you. We know that there are many different elements that need to come together for a person to successfully complete a triathlon. Regardless of its length. Which is why we offer a range of different services, each focusing on a particular element of the triathlon. When you combine these services, you will be turning yourself into the high performing, well-oiled machine that is set to dominate their triathlon. All you need to do is get in contact with us. Let us know what you need, and from there we will be able to create the perfect plan, tailored to you.

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  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Vo2 Max Testing
  • Blood Lactate Testing



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