For many people, running gives them a sense of freedom. It clears their mind and allows them to focus. And for others, it’s pure torture! It doesn’t matter which person you are. When you are going to compete in a marathon, you are going to have to run. And it is going to take a lot of strength and determination to get you across that finish line. Which is where our team come in. We are here to help you build on the strength and determination you already have. Optimizing it so that you can perform at your peak.


It’s almost easier for us as coaches to help train beginners. They haven’t been running for years and falling into bad habits, and their bodies are more responsive to change. The fitness and endurance levels are going to need a lot more work than those who have been running for many years, though. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, all that matters is that we get you to cross that finish line in a healthy way. Keeping your body aligned and able to keep up the stamina to get through the final leg of the race.


The run is the final part of a triathlon, and we know by then you will have already exhausted a huge amount of energy. One of the biggest areas that play a part in a persons ability to keep going is their mentality. Your mental strength can convert into your physical strength if you know how to harness it correctly. You’ve likely heard the term ‘your mind will give up long before your body does’. And that is true in most cases, which is why mental strengthening is always incorporated into our triathlon training programs.

Physical Testing

When we first meet a client for triathlon coaching, there are some tests we need to do. These occur both at the start of your training so that we can get your program right, and at the end. The testing at the end is just to confirm that you are in your peak physical condition and able to complete the triathlon without causing any undue damage to your body. These tests include analyzing your running style, Vo2 testing and blood lactate testing. These allow us to get a detailed understanding of your body and how we can train it.



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