Blood Lactate Testing

Anyone who has been in the high-performance field for a while now will understand the reasoning and testing process for blood lactate. If you don’t this test can sound a little daunting, but it really isn’t so bad. It’s something that we are able to do quickly and painlessly in the field to give us a better idea of how you are performing. Before science started to really get involved in sports, there was a lot of guesswork going on from coaches. But now, we have all the technology and equipment we need to understand you inside and out within the matter of a few hours.

Primary Testing

The purpose of a blood lactate test is to understand when your body reaches it’s peak effort levels. That way we can see where you currently are and compare it with where you need to be. Your blood lactate levels are something that can be improved and are directly related to your current fitness levels. So if you haven’t been training much recently, you’ve probably got your work cut out for you. Something we will be able to understand after the preliminary testing has been done.

Setting a Program

To be able to set a program that is going to work well for you and not give any unnecessary injuries, we need to know your blood lactate level before setting a plan. This will make sure that we do not set you a schedule that will overtrain and exhaust you, thus having the opposite effect of what we need. But the guesswork of knowing your exhaustion levels is all n the past. And once we have done the primary testing and know these levels, we can create you a plan that fits.

Regular Reviews

Throughout your training schedule, we are going to do some extra tests to see how you are progressing. This is how we are able to tell if your schedule is working for you and you are improving, or if something is going wrong. It is also a very useful tool for our clients, because it means that they keep themselves accountable. If they have had a week where they took their foot off the peddle for a while, we will likely be able to see that in the results. With our handy on the field testing devices, we can get instant results that keep your training optimized.

Final Resting

Finishing your training is the first accomplishment, even though you haven’t even started your triathlon yet. We know that training for weeks on end can be tough, but it is the only way to prepare you for the levels of physical energy you will need to put into the race. Having your final lactate testing will show you just how far you have come over your training course. It will give you a renewed sense of pride, and you can go into your triathlon with confidence, knowing that your body is fully prepared.



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